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Wiltshire Barb-B Mate & Tongs Pack | Merchants Homewares

Barb-B Mate & Tongs Pack

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The original BAR•B Mate and Tongs - All you need to get started on your BBQ straight away.

The Wiltshire Bar-B Mate is a multi purpose bbq tool with a cutting edge and prongs to give an all-in-one ability to lift, serve, slice, piece, and scrape food. Designed with a curved laser edge for superior cutting & slicing. Stainless steel with ‘stay cool’ heat resistant handle.

The Wiltshire Bar-B Tongs are modern & lightweight with extra long heat resistant handles & a simple to use lock. Handles are insulated for maximum comfort when handling food over the BBQ


  • Heat and rust resistant 
  • 5 years quality guarantee
  • The Bar B Mate lifts, serves, slices, pierces, and scrapes 
  • Straight cutting edge and prongs for piercing sausages 
  • Bar B Tongs have extra long handles 
  • Light weight and easy to control, and have grease slots to allow juice to escape
  • Bar-B Mate Size: 34cm
  • Tongs Size: 35cm

Usage and Care:

  • Cutting edge to replace the need for a kitchen knife.
  • The Bar-B Mate and tongs are dishwasher safe. For that extra sparkle we recommend to handwash in warm soapy water & dry thoroughly.



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