Finska Premium Bocce In Carry Crate | Merchants Homewares
Finska Premium Bocce In Carry Crate | Merchants Homewares

Finska | Premium Bocce in Carry Crate

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Bocce is the Italian cousin of the French game Boules. The rules are similar, with the aim of the game being to land your ball as near as you can to the smaller sized pallino. Bocce balls are much larger and heavier than Boules and are a real joy to throw.

This set by Planet Finska has eight big beautiful full-sized (100mm) balls crafted from superior polished resin. That's the same material used for premium snooker and billiard balls. Their look and feel is superb.

Each set includes two sets of four balls in black and olive as well as a white polished resin palIino. The four bocce balls of each colour comprise two sets of two balls with a unique engraved pattern so the game can cater for two or four players. This set comes in a handy rope handled wooden carry crate, finished with a laser engraved logo.



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